Pete Parkkonen - Myyty

A 21st-century Scandinavian take on Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Blues." Pete Parkkonen's lyric YouTube video went next level with the addition of three gen Z gold teasers amassing over 10,000 views each. The YouTube video has reached over 80k views to date and the song itself reached #4 on Spotify's viral list. A Helsinking production for Warner Music Finland.


Client: Warner Music // Pete Parkkonen
Agency: Helsinking
Creative: Rudi Rok, Lauri Laukkanen
Production company: Helsinking
Producer: Nella Rahkonen
Director: Lauri Laukkanen
Director of Photography: Teemu Haataja
Editor: Teemu Haataja
Graphic design: Ella-Noora Kouhia

Pete Parkkonen - Myyty (INSTAGRAM TEASER)
Pete Parkkonen - Myyty (INSTAGRAM TEASER)